Spowan Elite Macro Coaching

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                 Coached by Tyler Kilmnick


This is for those who are tough, dedicated and have the ambition to make a change. You MUST be committed for this 8 week journey!

A little about me:

My name is Tyler and I’m here to help you make this change in your life. I have a huge desire to help people. My passion lays within the health and fitness community. Many years ago I struggled with being overweight until I decided to make a change. After much research I went ahead and played around with macros and found what was best for me using multiple factors. Within a few months I managed to lose 55lbs! No lie! (I was 235lbs) I then started bodybuilding and am now currently sitting just under 170lbs. I decided to put my experience to use to help others achieve their goals.

 What will this macro coaching consist of?

               *PLEASE READ CAREFULLY*

This is an 8 WEEK PROGRAM. You will be tracking macros.

 Once I have confirmed payment I will then email you via my private email with a questionnaire needed to calculate your macronutrients and I will be requesting photos which is extremely helpful in this calculation. I will also send you a food chart to give you some examples of food that would help get your macros in!

 During this 8 week journey I will be closely monitoring your progress every week and making some adjustments if needed. I will do my very best to get you the results you desire but here’s what I need from you;

  • You will need a food scale
  • You will need a scale to weigh yourself EVERY MORNING
  • You will need an app such as MyFitnessPal to keep track of your macros/calories
  • You will need to be 100% dedicated and consistent!

*There will be NO refunds, so make sure you are fully prepared!